sexta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2016

Hello bratty!
Today I bring a super cute look for you
go to school, a dress with texturing
chess. This dress is the new
Collection Soda Pop Shop and of course
to accompany this beautiful pose
{Xoxo}, has wonderful decorations to make
their school day but amazing ... I hope you
enjoyed until next girls

 ゚¸ ゚·★· ゚  ゚·★· ゚¸ ゚·
ʚHair: Doe: Cricket - Essentials
ʚDress: !{SPS} Casual Fit _ her
ʚPose: {xoxo} Brightest Star Available the event @ColorMeCute
 ゚¸ ゚·★· ゚  ゚·★· ゚¸ ゚·

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